Welcome to the 7 Day Swim, a website aimed at helping you swim better, faster and smarter.

If you are afraid of deep water, never swam before or want to finally learn then you've come to the right place!

I'm Justin and I've been helping children and adults learn how to swim as a lifeguard/personal trainer/swim instructor for over 10 years now.

If your swimming sucks I can help.

When I was a child I was one of the worst swimmers in class.

Constantly hated my teachers forcibly dunking my head in the water and the fear of drowning every time I went underwater.

Took me years and years of practice, mistakes, and corrections in order to swim more effectively and now I teach others how to swim better. 3 common things my clients need help with:

  1. Conquering their FEAR of the water -> getting them comfortable with breathing and eliminating body stiffness
  2. Learning FREESTYLE -> aka front crawl, struggling to get from one end of the pool to the other
  3. Mastering BREAST STROKE -> many people struggle to get the movement right, in fact, a lot of swimmers you see at local pools can't do whip kick or move their arms effectively

I'm not a competitive swimmer nor do I proclaim to be a god in the water but I do know how to use the pool to my advantage, fix common swimming problems and get a good workout which is what I believe what most readers here want to achieve.

If you are new here then you can start by visiting the Start Here section of this site where I will help to explain the swimming process from start to finish.

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Thanks for visiting 7dayswim.co

Happy swimming!

-Justin 🙂

Vancouver, Canada