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Welcome to 7 Day Swim, a website aimed at helping you swim better, faster and most importantly, smarter. If you are a complete beginner, afraid of deep water or want to finally learn how to swim then you’ve come to the right place! I’m Justin and I’ve been helping students learn how to swim for over 15 years. If your swimming sucks I can help. In the beginning I was one of the worst students in my class. As a child, my teachers would forcibly dunk my head into the water and I feared drowning every. single. time.

It took me years and years of practice, mistakes and self study in order for me to learn this sport and now it’s my turn to help you. Three common areas my clients need help with are: conquering their fear of the water, stroke improvement and continuous lap swimming. I’m not a competitive swimmer nor am I the next Michael Phelps, but I do know how to use the water to my advantage, fix common swimming problems and get a good workout which is what most people hope to achieve at the end of the day.

If you are new to this site start by visiting the How to Swim section and pick up some recommended swimming gear. You can also check out free videos on swimming by visiting my YouTube channel. Also if you wish to be part of our community then I recommend joining our private facebook group. Finally if you need a simple solution that will save you time, money, and teach you how to swim from start to finish then I recommend signing up for The 7 Day Swim Program. 

Thanks for visiting and be water my friend!

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Stroke Correction 100%
Sprint Swimming 100%
Long Distance Swimming 100%
Lifeguarding & First Aid 100%
Personal Training 100%
Diet & Nutrition 100%
Coaching 100%


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