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How It Works

Here’s how this Affiliate Program works: for every sale you generate selling the 7 Day Swim program, you will automatically be paid a 50% commission of every sale you refer.

You can get started right now by signing up and creating a free affiliate account with Clickbank.  Clickbank will supply you with a special affiliate link that you can use anytime you direct traffic to our sales page.  Anytime a customer or lead clicks on your affiliate link, visits our sales page and purchases the product, you get paid instantly.

Any referral or commissions you earn are automatically deposited into your Clickbank account and are paid out to you via check in the mail or direct deposit for however much money you earned during that period of time.

That’s it!  We handle everything else.  We handle the ordering process, take care of the customers, supply them with their quality product, we both get paid, and everyone is happy. :-)

3 Simple Steps

Follow the three easy steps below to be able to join our affiliate program and start earning 75% commissions for every sale that you refer.

1) Create Your Free Clickbank Account 

If you are new as an affiliate and want to begin promoting the 7 Day Swim, you will need a Clickbank account.  You can get one right now for free by going to:


2) Create Your Affiliate Link

In order to begin promoting the 7 Day Swim and earn a commission with each sale, you need an affiliate link with Clickbank to track your sales.  Your affiliate link simply includes your Clickbank Nickname.  I will put anXXX throughout this page in all spots that you need to replace with your nickname.  Here is the link:


3) Begin Promoting The 7 Day Swim

Once you have your Clickbank affiliate link, you may use it to promote the 7 Day Swim program to your mailing list, website, blog, social media accounts, etc

Email Example +

Subject: This is How I Learned to Swim in Just 7 Days
Subject: You Can Teach Yourself How to Swim By Using This
Subject: Swimming is Easy (Just Do This)

How did I finally learn how to swim?

The answer:


I was tired of taking boring swimming lessons at the pool and tried Justin's new online swimming program where he taught me how to learn things like frontcrawl, breaststroke and how to swim in deep water all by myself. If you are new to swimming or finally want to learn how to swim like a pro then I highly recommend this program for you.

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Talk soon,
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We Are Here For You

If there’s anything that YOU need… don’t hesitate to contact us.  We are here to help our affiliates as much as possible and are more than willing to work with you to help make promoting 7 Day Swim as successful as possible for you.

You can contact us through our contact support page anytime.

Looking forward to working together,

Justin Patrick 🙂