If you're feeling stuck or want to swim better then I recommend signing up for my 1:1 Online Coaching

This is the BEST way to getting immediate results with customized lesson plans, personal attention and guidance from a professional swim coach.

For years I have helped many of my students overcome their fear of the water, improve their stroke technique and achieve their personal goals whether it be competing in a triathlon or swimming from one end of the pool to the other with ease.

Whatever your swimming goal may be, my personal mission as a swim coach is to help transform my students' lives and empower them in the water.

Space is limited though, I wish I could accept all inquiries, but this ensures the highest level of quality that I want each of my clients to receive by me personally.

  • Each and every application is read by me to determine if we should work together.
  • Past clients I've helped include: complete beginners, people afraid of drowning, parents who want to swim with their children, young adults tired of repeating their swimming lessons, triathlon competitors, outdoor adventurers...
  • If I’m able to work with you, great! I’ll send you an email letting you know, and we’ll go over the details there.
  • If we’re able to work together, we will be in contact multiple times per week including Skype meetings and video submissions for us to review your swimming progress.
  • I will personally review and critique each of your videos that you submit and give specific feedback, instructions and customized lesson plans for you to implement during each session.
  • Monthly or flexible financing packages are available for your convenience.

Regardless of what the response may be — whether we’re able to work together or not — I’ll be in touch with you within 24-48 hours. I absolutely encourage you to inquire below.