Bonus 1: Backcrawl

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]Backcrawl is essentially a reverse frontcrawl. Instead of blowing bubbles our face is out of the water and instead of using windmill arms pulling forwards we are pulling backwards

Start with your back kick and practice tilting your shoulders from side to side with each shoulder that comes out of the water touching the side of your chin; the other shoulder should be in the complete opposite direction facing down

You will notice that your legs will sink lower into the water as it is harder to maintain kicking onto the water surface as we incorporate our shoulders

Next apply windmill arms with arms fully extended, no bending of the elbows; make sure your fingers are cupped and your pinky finger is the first to slice into the water; pull using your shoulders and cupped hands with every stroke

You can later refine your pull by pushing downwards with the arms instead of in a circular motion. To do this, extend your arm in front and then bend your elbow with the thumb grazing your sides push downwards and away.

To visualize this, raise one arm up with the thumb facing forwards and pink facing behind. Next, lower your arm by bending your elbows and slowly bring your thumb towards your armpit and elbow towards your ribs. Next slap your hand down with fingers cupped and push downwards until your arm is straight. That is the refined backcrawl arm. This will take some time getting used to so take it slow

Like windmill arms make sure your arms are continuously in motion; no stopping

For an extra challenge try combining or alternating between backcrawl with frontcrawl by using the flip kick[/text_block]

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