Bonus 2: Butterfly

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]Out of all 4 strokes butterfly is the most challenging because it involves a lot of complex movement, power and stamina however it is also the most rewarding.

It is a combination of frontcrawl and breaststroke as well as combining dolphin kick so I recommended that you can do all 3 strokes well before attempting butterfly. Take your time while learning this stroke and make sure you understand all of the mechanics.

First start off in the standing position with your arms in front and head in the water looking down. Position your arms bent a little and palms facing outwards to the sides (thumbs down, pinkys up) in 30-45 degree angle. As you enter quickly into the water with your hands at this angle water resistance will be significantly reduced

Next start the arm pull with cupped hands just like in breaststroke and as you reach 90 degree angles with your elbows pull your hands past your hips as if your arms were 2 brooms sweeping water behind your body and away. Make sure your pull is close to the sides of your body as if you were brushing water past your hips

Now that both arms are out of the water imagine having double frontcrawl arms. Both arms are out with pinky facing up but at the same time your head is coming up for a quick breath much like in breaststroke

Next bring your arms to the front, straight or bent is fine, bent arms are easier to begin with as there is less tension mounted upon the shoulders. As your hands insert back into the water bring your head back into the water as well

Next practice butterfly arms using front kicking, it will take some time getting used to because our breath is now dependent on our arms swinging out, around and back into the water in a much longer duration compared to breaststroke arms

Next attempt butterfly arms without kicking. Try to go as far as you can by just using your arms and stop whenever you’re tired. Without kicking you’ll notice that you won’t move as fast so focus only on form instead. This exercise will help develop power in our arms and coordination

Next combine your front kick with dolphin kick. This will help us to transition into using only dolphin kick in the final progression. There are 2 dolphins kicks: first when our arms enter the water, second when our arms exit the water. Standard breath is usually one for every 2 arm pulls: pull once, second pull lift your head up. For beginners I recommend 1 breath for every arm pull

Finally combine butterfly arms with only dolphin kick. Your goal will be to complete one lap using butterfly. Combining both butterfly arms and dolphin kick is a lot like attempting a complete breaststroke for the first time. It will take some time getting used to so be patient

When doing laps I recommend pairing butterfly with breaststroke if you get tired[/text_block]

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