Part A – Front Glide

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]The first step to moving quickly in the water (i.e. propulsion) is to learn front glides. Basically a front glide is a front float in motion where we use our forward momentum to move our body forwards against the drag of the water which will eventually slow us down

Instead of being loose and relaxed we now must make our body firm (but not too tensed) tight and long like an arrow in order to cut through the water drag

Maxing out our body horizontally with our arms and legs stretched out will give us the most effective glide. Legs should be together, toes pointed out, arms stretched forward, head tucked in and looking downwards. If we ignore any of these then we increase our chances of creating more drag in the water thus slowing us down

Start with your butt touching the wall and hands placed on a kickboard. Make sure the kickboard stays on the surface of the water at all times or else resistance drag will be created

Next sink your head into the water blowing bubbles and lift both feet quickly off the floor and pressing against the wall and push off as hard as you can

Elongate your body as you push off the wall and make yourself as thin and firm like an arrow in the water

You will eventually stop and then do the recovery stance after. Do this exercise a few times until you are ready to move on

Next do the same exercise without a kickboard with one hand placed on top of the other like an arrow tip



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