Part A – Frontcrawl Arms

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[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]Power in frontcrawl comes mainly from the arms, particularly your hands as you pull and scoop the water with each crawl

Make sure you gently cup your hands not letting any water escape through your fingers and feel the force of the water with every pull

Keep your arms straight and reaching outwards throughout the entire circular motion. Use your shoulders and back to pull with no bending of the elbows. As you pull you should feel your tricep muscle flexing

Start with 1-2-breath pattern. One complete windmill arm and when your hand touches the kickboard it counts as 1. Start the second arm and when it lands on the kickboard with both arms securing the kickboard come up for a quick breath

When you are ready to move try 1-2-3-breath pattern which is the standard count for frontcrawl




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