Part B – Side Breathing

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    This PDF download summarizes all the lessons covered in Day 4. Feel free to print this out and place it in a ziplock bag to bring to the pool as your action item sheet.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]In order to maintain our new 1-2-3 breath pattern we must adapt our breathing as well. Coming up for air in front kicking can be detrimental because it requires us to lift our heads up putting strain on our necks. Also in order for our head to come up our body must go down in order to compensate the off balance which breaks our horizontal position

Side breathing alleviates these problems as we breathe onto our sides. When we come up for breath we instead tilt our heads to the sides with half of our face still in the water. This will cause some water to remain in our mouths which is normal, the key is to control the air vs waterflow as we breathe

Remember to keep HALF of your face submerged which includes the top of your head halfway in as this prevents us from straining our neck muscles. Submerging half of our faces in the water allows us to take the weight off our necks and allow the water to bear the weight

As you breathe on your side, aim for resting your ear onto your shoulder of the arm reaching forwards with the other shoulder facing the ceiling with the arm placed inwards (imagine putting your hand in your front pocket) to prevent from flipping onto our backs

Side kicking aka scissor kicks is a useful exercise for maintaining a side breathing position. In order to side kick imagine your legs as scissors crossing equal distances back and forth with toes pointed

First use two kickboards to do side kicking with one placed in front of the lead arm and the other resting below the other arm as support. Do this several times until you are ready to move on

Next try with only one kickboard placed on the leading hand and finally for an added challenge attempt side kicking unassisted

Congratulations on completing both lessons in Day 4. Now it’s your turn to do these exercises in the pool. Make sure you download and print out the Day 4 PDF Summary and take it with you to the pool as your action guide



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