Part C – Headup Frontcrawl

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    This PDF download summarizes all the lessons covered in Day 5. Feel free to print this out and place it in a ziplock bag to bring to the pool as your action item sheet.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]Two things happen as we do headup frontcrawl. One is that our body is positioned now at a vertical position; almost at 45 degrees leaning forwards. Arms still do 80-90% of the work whereas the legs support the arms

Second our head is totally out of the water so that we can see where we are going so blowing bubbles or using goggles is not necessary

In order to do headup frontcrawl we must make two adjustments. First we have to twist side to side with each pull of the arms. This allows us to make it easier on our upper body being positioned higher on the surface of the water

Second, we must lower our legs into the water in order for us to expose our upper body towards the surface. This requires a greater amount of energy and stamina to maintain and should only be used during emergency or rescue situations where seeing underwater is obstructed

This is an optional stroke for you to learn, however it is a useful survival skill plus a great upper body workout

Congratulations on completing all 3 lessons in Day 5. Now it’s your turn to do these exercises in the pool. Make sure you download and print out the Day 5 PDF Summary and take it with you to the pool as your action guide[/text_block]

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