Part C – Breaststroke Complete

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    This PDF download summarizes all the lessons covered in Day 6. Feel free to print this out and place it in a ziplock bag to bring to the pool as your action item sheet.


[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”17″ width=”940″]There are essentially three parts to a complete breaststroke: pull (arms), push (legs), and glide (whole body)

When we pull our arms are at 90 degrees, our head up for a breath and our legs bent and flexed into a V shape. This is the first part of the breaststroke. In this stage our arms are in charge of pulling us forwards while our legs prepare to do its push

The second is the push. Our arms shoot forwards like an arrow, our head back into the water, and our legs push out and around like drawing a ball with our feet together and toes pointed. In this stage our legs push us forwards while our arms assist by keeping us streamlined

The glide is the final part of the breaststroke and is often neglected. To maximize the breaststroke effect we must take full advantage of the glide where we allow our momentum to carry us forwards and allows us to rest. When gliding remain firm, tight like an arrow and wait 1-3 seconds before commencing another pull

Congratulations on completing all 3 lessons in Day 6. Now it’s your turn to do these exercises in the pool. Make sure you download and print out the Day 6 PDF Summary and take it with you to the pool as your action guide[/text_block]

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