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So What Exactly Is The 7 Day Swim ?

The 7 Day Swim is the EASIEST online program that will teach you how to swim in just 7 days!

Based on years and years of experience as a lifeguard, swim instructor and competitive swimmer my gift to you is my 7 step program which can make anyone swim like a pro

This Program Is Designed For You:

I'm A Beginner

  • I’m a complete beginner
  • I’ve never swam before in my entire life
  • I’m scared of drowning and avoid situations that involve swimming

I'm A Student

  • I keep repeating the same swim level over and over again
  • I’m not satisfied with my swimming lessons or current swimming level
  • I’m embarrassed that I can’t swim yet and I want to finally learn

I'm A Leader

  • I want to be able to save someone from drowning
  • I want to be able to swim as part of my job/health requirement
  • I want to be able to teach my children, friends or loved ones how to swim

I'm Recovering

  • I’m suffering from: sore joints, arthritis, asthma, coronary heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, poor flexibility, stress
  • I’m seeking an alternative form of low-impact exercise
  • I’m trying to recover from an injury

I'm An Adventurer

  • I wish to compete or take part in a triathlon
  • I want to fully enjoy indoor/outdoor water sports and activities
  • I want to be confident swimming in deep water, lakes, or oceans

I Wanna Get Fit

  • I want that toned and well-defined look
  • I want to become stronger
  • I want to lose weight

I Want to Be Healthy

  • I want to stay in shape but I don’t like working out in the gym or doing group activities
  • I want to increase my endurance and get a good aerobic workout
  • I want to look and FEEL younger


7 Easy to Follow Video Modules

Your COMPLETE Video Training Course To Swimming Like A Pro

When you join today you'll get instant and lifetime access to the following...

  • 1


    Day 1 consists of 4 parts based on breathing and relaxation. In Part A we will learn proper breathing techniques by blowing bubbles. In Part B we will learn how to recover safely in the water. In Part C we will learn how to do a front float and finally in Part D we will learn how to do the back float.

  • 2


    Day 2 consists of 3 parts based on moving in the water using basic propulsion aka glides. In Part A we will learn how to execute a proper front glide. In Part B we will learn how to perform a perfect back glide. Finally In Part C we will learn how to combine both the front and back glide into a flip glide.

  • 3


    Day 3 consists of 3 parts where we can now apply kicking to our glides. In Part A we will learn and understand how to perform the front kick properly including common mistakes. In Part B we will learn how to perform the back. Finally In Part C we will learn how to combine both front and back kicking with a flip kick.

  • 4


    Day 4 consists of 2 parts that will allow us to perform freestyle swimming aka frontcrawl for the first time. In Part A we will learn how to perform frontcrawl arms. In Part B we will learn how to perform side breathing and then side kicking. Finally we will be able to combine both and perform our very first frontcrawl.

  • 5


    Day 5 consists of 3 parts that will enhance our frontcrawl. In Part A we will learn how to perform the frontcrawl independently without a kickboard. In Part B we will learn how to refine our arms for more efficiency. Finally in Part C as an extra challenge we will learn how to perform the headup frontcrawl.

  • 6


    Day 6 breaststroke consists of 3 parts. In Part A we will first learn how to perform the breaststroke arms. In Part B we will learn how to propel our legs using whip kick. Finally in Part C we will synchronize both techniques and perform the perfect breaststroke.

  • 7


    Day 7 consists of advanced techniques which will further benefit our swimming. In Part A we will learn how to perform the dolphin kick. In Part B we will learn how to use our arms in sculling. Finally in Part C we will wrap things up and combine forms we have covered in the last 7 days.


I just wanted to thank Justin for helping me to swim. I’ve always hated working out in the gym and have always considered swimming however what intimidated me the most was not looking silly while doing laps. Thankfully Justin’s program helped me overcome such problems. If you’re new to swimming this program is a no-brainer! Give it a try!

Ross USA


We offer a private members only training course with expanded content in the form of text and video tutorials along with lifetime access and support.


Here's What You'll Get


    21 Easy To Follow Video Tutorials


    7 Simple PDF Action Summaries For Each Day


    The Official 7 Day Swim Ebook Resource

Plus Over $600 Worth Of Exclusive Bonuses

Venture BEYOND The 7 Day Swim And Take Your Swimming To The NEXT Level!

Bonus Resources Which Include...

  • 1


    With back kicking and sculling learned in the 7 Day Swim we can now apply backcrawl arms which will allow us to move faster on our backs. In this bonus section I will show you 4 simple progressions that will get you started with backcrawl. If you've never attempted a backcrawl before don't worry... this lesson will be very easy to follow for the complete beginner

  • 2


    Out of all 4 strokes (frontcrawl, backcrawl and breaststroke) butterfly is the most challenging because it involves a lot of complex movement, power and stamina however it is also the most rewarding. In this bonus section I will show you 5 simple progressions that I use to perform butterfly flawlessly... prepare for an intense workout!

  • 3


    The flip turn is a lap swimmers coolest trick in his/her arsenal. It can make spectators and fellow swimmers watch in awe if performed correctly and effortlessly. If you want to improve your stamina and swim continuously without pausing then flip turns are for you. In this bonus section I will show you 3 simple progressions that will get you started.

  • 4


    Most new swimmers having a fear of diving however if done correctly diving into deep water can be both thrilling and exhilarating. If done poorly, it could lead to a painful and otherwise embarrassing bellyflop. In this bonus section I will demonstrate a simple progression that will help you avoid such common mistakes and start diving like a pro.

  • 5


    Treading water can be the most important survival skill you could ever learn. It can also allow you to access deep water with confidence and give you a great aerobic workout for both your arms and legs. In this bonus section I will break down the parts of treading with both sculling arms and eggbeater legs with progressions that will finally move you to the deep end of the pool

  • 6


    Swimming in deep water unassisted in a pool (or in an emergency situation) can be a challenge especially when we are forced to maintain treading or strokes for long periods of time. In this bonus section I will demonstrate two separate techniques we can add to our arsenal that will allow us to conserve energy and maintain treading for longer periods of time

  • 7


    What goes on inside the head of a lap swimmer? How many laps should we perform? Much like working out in a gym we should plan out our time in the pool, set attainable goals and strive to improve our health and performance. This and many other questions shall be answered as we venture into lap swimming in this bonus section



When I was young my father taught me how to swim so I came into this program with some swimming experience. What’s interesting about Justin’s program is that I get a fresh perspective on a few things that I’ve been doing wrong in my strokes all these years and didn’t realize until now. He also offers 1:1 email support as well which was very helpful and replies very fast. Thanks Justin!

Betty Singapore

What You Can Expect From The 7 Day Swim

"What You Are Paying For Are Results"

  • High Quality Instructional Videos with Key In-depth Information
  • Gain Faster Results & Understanding In Less Time
  • Save $$$ on Repetitive Swimming Lessons
  • 7 Easy to Follow Pre-made Workout Plans
  • Lifetime Access & Customer Support Service

How Much Will This Cost Me?

"You know you NEED to swim, but HOW will you eventually do it? Like anything in life, you have a choice..."

You can spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars and waste hours of your day trying to figure out all of this on your own can hire a private swim coach for $40-50/hour and spend a few hundred dollars learning how to swim. can keep repeating the same overcrowded group swimming lessons at your local pool with very little 1:1 attention

OR you can take the FAST and INEXPENSIVE route and master these simple swimming skills for yourself all within the 7 Day Swim

Get INSTANT ACCESS to my entire System for just $97. Save time and money by learning how to swim the EASY way by joining The 7 Day Swim today!


Great program! I’ve taken a lot of adult swimming lessons and Justin is right. The classes are TOO big and I wasn’t getting enough individual attention from my instructor and I had so many questions that I was too afraid to ask as a beginner. Thankfully this program solves that and Justin can answer all of your questions via email if you need any help which I did lol.

Jo Canada


Q. Can I really learn how to swim in just 7 days?

A. Absolutely! There are 7 easy modules in this program for you to study and then apply in the pool. I recommend going to the pool and doing these activities every other day so you can rest and absorb what you have learned but if you want to learn at a faster or slower pace it’s totally up to you.

Q. Where’s the best place to start with the 7 Day Swim program?

A. You want to start in the Lessons area and begin with Day 1.  Make sure that you watch the videos and view the PDFs, which summarizes each lesson in more detail.  Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to perform the exercises in the pool. After you have completed the exercises for Day 1 you can immediately proceed to Day 2.

Q. What swim gear should I buy?

A. For this program you only need a swimsuit, a good pair of goggles, and a swim cap. You will also need a kickboard which many local pools provide for free. For more information on what to buy please download the Swimming Tools Guide which comes included with the program

Q. How long before I start swimming?

A. This program is broken down into simple step-by-step instructions and progressions which will ease you into swimming as a beginner with no previous experience. You should start to see results within 2-3 sessions in the water.

Q. Can I train with a buddy?

A. This program can be done all by yourself without any assistance but if you want some extra motivation yes it’s good to team up. You can also easily make new friends at your pool with local regulars or lifeguards who are more than happy to help you out.

Q. I want my child to learn how to swim… can this program help?

A. As a parent I encourage you to take advantage of this program to not only benefit yourself but to help others as well and that includes being able to pass on what you’ve learned in the 7 Day Swim by teaching others how to swim such as friends, loved ones and especially children of all ages

Q. Where is the best place to swim?

A. I personally recommend private pools such as in your own condo or your friend’s or neighbour’s pool. If you don’t have access to a private pool then your local community pool is good.

Q. When is the best time to swim or perform these exercises?

A. In a private pool anytime is good. In your local community pool I recommend going during a slow or quiet time such as early in the morning from 6am to 11am or late in the evening after dinner. Check your local pool schedule for public swim times.

Q. I’m really scared of swimming in deep water, what can I do?

A. All of these exercises can be performed in shallow water areas of a pool. If you are new to swimming in the deep end then I recommend wearing a floatation belt which most local community pools carry. I do not recommend wearing lifejackets as they are too cumbersome and do most of work work for you.

Q. Can’t I just take public swimming lessons or find all of this information for free online?

A. Great question! I personally recommend taking swimming lessons, in fact I’ve taught swimming lessons as an instructor for many years now and know firsthand that in order to save student’s time and money a supplemental guide such as the 7 Day Swim was needed which brings us here today. Yes there are plenty of free online resources that can teach you how to swim but it will take considerably longer to sort out, test and tediously implement. The 7 Day Swim alleviates all of this unnecessary pain and hassle by providing an all in one time-saving program from a verified swim instructor complete with a lifetime access and support.

Q. Do you recommend taking private swimming lessons?

A. Private 1:1 lessons are an excellent way to speed up the learning process. In fact, I teach both group and private lessons and prefer the latter because I can give more individual assessment and attention to my clients. The downside to this is that these lessons can be quite expensive and can cost between $25-50 per session. If your goal is to get 1:1 instruction, fast results AND save money then the 7 Day Swim is for you!

Q. Is there a money back guarantee?

A. Absolutely! We stand by our products. I want you to experience ZERO RISK when choosing us as your coach & teacher, and therefore, I offer a no-questions asked, 100% money-back guarantee if you decide the program is not right for you.

Thank you for visiting this site and I will see you inside the 7 Day Swim!

~Justin 🙂